Interviewing Investment Bankers, Attorneys, Accountants, and Consultants about what goes on before, during and after a merger.  What does it take to execute a transaction successfully?  How do companies position themselves and negotiate wisely to maximize business value?  How do acquirers shop the market for the best companies to purchase?  Who do they turn to as trusted partners to integrate the newly merged entity?  What are the best practices for integrating an acquisition partner?  How is valuation calculated?  How are terms negotiated? How long does it take?   What are the synergies to look for?  And the pitfalls to avoid?  We uncover it all while talking to those who play a crucial role in one of the noblest of economic feats – mergers and acquisitions.  Join host, Elizabeth Gordon, to hear about mergers and acquisitions that Atlanta’s Business Professional Service Firms are involved in and how they find the ROI in every opportunity.   

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  Thinking about an Exit Strategy for your Family owned Business?…Stuart J. Brady joined Elizabeth Gordon in the studio at 200 Peachtree to discuss the process involved in strategically selling your company. Stuart is a Senior Business Analyst with the Business House, INC., a boutique mergers and acquisitions (M&A) firm in the southeast.  Mr. Brady specializes in … [more]

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